Mishkan ha-Echad

Monday, 16 June 2008


Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis

Welcome to my new Golden Dawn blog! Some of you may already read my Gnostic blog, Henosis Decanus, and, if you don't, why not check it out now?

To begin things, a brief biography is needed, and, indeed, an explanation of why this blog exists and what its proposed purpose is.

My path with ceremonial magick began in February 2004, when I was introduced to the Golden Dawn material, and, in particular, the Qabalah, both of which I fell in love with immediately. I read my early journal entries of those days and note the child-like glee with which I found this new, fascinating, and yet strangely familiar area. I began the LRP within a week and have been practising it, mostly faithfully, to this day.

I was interested in joining a Golden Dawn group, but things worked differently, and I joined the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Light (O.'.S.'.D.'.L.'.), a Gnostic Enochian Order (which also taught Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology, and related magical subjects), in October 2004, having had communicated with the Head of that Order over the Summer. I then spent the next four years with them, progressing through the grades and undergoing the almost inevitable turmoil that a new Order undergoes (replete with Order politics, a topic for another post). I attained the grade of Acolyte I (roughly equivalent of Adeptus Minor in the GD system, although we had no Portal grade equivalent) in Spring 2007. I also held several offices at this time, including Scribe & Liturgist (in charge of Order documents and writing initiation and related ceremonies), Sentinel (not to be confused with the GD Phylax), and Acting Head when the Head of the Order became ill for a period of months. In December 2007 I, as Acting Head, decided to dissolve the Order.

I gave a period of around three and a half months to fully break with my old Order, cutting the ties with the Current, etc., and basically getting over what was, in effect, a magical marriage. In April I felt I was ready to move on and be a part of another Order. I began to go back to my roots, as it were, and explore the Golden Dawn again. It was during this period that I joined the HSoM and a Golden Dawn Order (which I will not name here).

Given my "homecoming" to the Golden Dawn tradition, there are many subjects I want to write about and can think of no better place than a new blog. I hope to share what I have learned, am learning, or want to learn, and this blog should include book reviews, articles, musings, poetry, rituals and ceremonies, and plenty more for your magical mouth to chew. Suggestions for topics are, of course, always welcome.

Love and Light, in 120,

Frater Yechidah.

Benedictus Dominus Deus noster qui dedit nobis hoc Signum
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