Mishkan ha-Echad

Monday, 16 June 2008

By Names And Images...

Some of you may be curious about the title of this blog. Apart from the "Quit the Night & Seek the Day!" part, it doesn't sound very Golden Dawn, does it? In a sense, you're right, it doesn't, and it's not supposed to, even though this is "advertised" as a Golden Dawn blog.

Hebrew (Leshon ha-Qodesh, the Holy Tongue) is a language that absolutely fascinates me, and I have to thank the Golden Dawn for introducing me to it and it to me. English is my mother tongue, and yet I feel at home with Hebrew in a way that I cannot really say of any other language. Perhaps it is the spiritual nature, not to mention the depth, that reverberates with me, but whatever it is, as a Qabalist (who has no problem describing himself as either a Gnostic, Jew, or Christian), this language sings to my heart and opens the doors to Gnosis. Daleth ha-Da'ath.

My sermon and praise aside, the title of this blog is Mishkan ha-Echad. Any of you familiar with Fr. Achad will recognise the latter - it is Hebrew for "one" (and forms the stem [AChD] of my motto Yechidah [YChIDH], which means "Union"). Ha is the preposition "of" in Hebrew. Mishkan, as any Jew should know, is the Tabernacle, though it is often translated literally as "residence" or "dwelling place". Thus we have: Residence of One, or, the Dwelling Place of the One. There are many mysteries to this (not least of all the identity of that "One"), but as any good Qabalist would do, I'll let you figure them out for yourself.

While the Tabernacle may be material specific to the Zelator grade, a Qabalist will find value in it outside of the gradework, and, indeed, inside the Tabernacle itself. There he will find the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit of Christianity, and Sophia of Gnosticism, and he will dwell with her, and she will dwell with him, and they shall dwell together as One.

By names and images are all powers awoken...
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