Mishkan ha-Echad

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hail Sol!

Although the Golden Dawn did not celebrate the Solstices (choosing the Equinoxes for their more balanced energies and symbolism), these are still highpoints of the year that deserve some form of marking. I'd like to offer the following prayer in honour of Sol, our Star, our Sun.

Today we celebrate the Summit of the Sun;
Hail Sol, Lord of Light at his Zenith!
The Long Dark of Winter has been defeated,
And yet must we prepare for the plunge
Back into that World of Darkness,
For all must plummet after a peak.
This is your Peak, Sol, Shemesh Aur!
Should the Darkness cover us,
As it does in the depths of Winter,
Even the very Night shall be turned into Day unto you,
Lord of Light, Sol Invictus, Sol Triumphant!
In this passing moment of your sovereignty
May we take the time to ponder on your rays,
On the vitalising energies you offer unto us,
A daily Eucharist, where Night turns to Day,
And we eat of you in ways we do not know;
Let us endeavour then to know,
That we might come to respect that which you offer,
Never ceasing to be one with your cycles,
And never ceasing to be cleansed and renewed
By the penetrating rays of your glistening glory!
May we remember and know you intimately,
Even though we may see you less,
And may we bring this remembrance and knowledge
Into the Heart of the Dark of Winter
And thus pump it with the blood of Life and Light,
The Light of Sol, the Lord of Light at his Zenith!

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