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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Mysteries Of The Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet (or Aleph-Beth) is one of the first things a member of the Golden Dawn was taught, and for good reason. The use of Hebrew in Golden Dawn work, from the LBRP to the Shem ha-Mephoresh, warrants that all students have at least a basic understanding of the alphabet. Indeed, the further you explore the Qabalah, the more you will begin to realise just how vital a knowledge of Hebrew actually is. The ancient Qabalists use it abundantly, not merely as the language they wrote in, but as a language of allegory, pun, and the deep and complex workings of gematria. Its prominence in the Sepher Yetzirah alone is clearly indicative of this.

I am strong advocate for having a deep knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of the Hebrew language, and, in particular, its alphabet. Given this, I will be offering some insights into the mysteries of each letter over a multitude of posts to come, starting with Aleph. They will not include all the mysteries, for that would, if possible (which it is not, for each new Qabalist will bring a new understanding to it), require at least a full-sized book. It will, however, get you thinking.

For now, you can check page 52 of Regardie's The Golden Dawn (sixth edition) for the table of the Hebrew alphabet, with its gematria, letter meanings, letter finals, etc. If you don't have that book, scroll down halfway on the following page from the OSOGD for it:

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