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Sunday, 27 July 2008

A Comparison To The Goal Of Adeptus Minor

As part of my work for my old Order, the O.'.S.'.D.'.L.'., I wrote material for the initiation ceremonies, including that of Acolyte I (the last grade I attained there), which is roughly equivalent of Adeptus Minor in the G.'.D.'. (albeit without a Portal grade, which changes things quite a bit).

Anyhow, the following is a passage from this Acolyte I ceremony, drawn from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, a very interesting Gnostic text. The focus of this point of the ceremony was for the initiate, as a Gnostic, to break free from the influence of the Archons, here seen as "7 Powers of Wrath", one per old planet (as well as being lord of a certain binding force, such as darkness, ignorance, and desire). Each Archon in turn challenges the initiate, blocking his or her way to accessing the relevant planetary energies, and the initiate receives their challenge and conquers them, showing the conquering of the planetary influences within the initiate themselves. This also results in a symbolic freedom, for no longer is the initiate bound by the Archons, as per Gnostic myth, but is, as a newly arisen (or awoken) Adept (or Acolyte, a co-Worker of God), free from the prison of their old life, and, indeed, the Seer (the Head Officer of the O.'.S.'.D.'.L.'.) not only declares the initiate free from the dominion of the Archons, but of the direct influence of the Seer him or herself. This is a symbolic time of spiritual maturity, where no longer should the initiate need the guiding hand of a superior officer, but should be able to make their own decisions (which, sadly, does not always work, as some people can claim a grade without actually being ready to receive it). The initiate must ultimately be guided by his or her own Gnosis.

I offer this passage for matters of intrigue. I'm interested in seeing what people think of this part of the ceremony in comparison to that of the Golden Dawn. How is the goal similar or dissimilar? What about the method? What can we learn from this, even though the O.'.S.'.D.'.L.'. is now dissolved?

Power of [Planet]: “Where are you coming from, slayer of humans, and where are you going, conqueror of space?”

Initiate: “What binds me is slain, what surrounds me is destroyed, my desire is gone, ignorance is dead. In a world I was freed through another world, and in an image I was freed through a heavenly image. This is the fetter of forgetfulness that exists in the world of time. From now on I shall rest, through time, age, and aeon, in silence.”

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