Mishkan ha-Echad

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Magical Reasons For Illness

One of the most common accusations levelled at Enochian is that it causes illness in those who use it (see Case's arguments and my rebuttals here). However, many people do not realise that this can also occur in the Qabalah, particularly in the higher paths and Sephiroth, although the Qabalah has many more built-in safeguards and tends to have a more balanced energy compared to that of Enochian. That said, however, let's look at some of the magical reasons for why illness might occur:
  1. overkill of energy (Enochian is the number one factor in this, which is why I suggest using other means if possible);
  2. lack of fortification of the body, physical and astral (i.e. not enough exercise, sleep, good diet, etc., and lack of strengthening of the aura through invoking and banishing);
  3. the necessary removal of negative energy from the body as part of the cleansing process prior to, after, or during an initiatory experience;
  4. poor handling of forces, entities, etc., which result in overbalance/underbalance of energy, or, in the case of more malevolent entities, may result in psychic attack, etc.;
  5. the subconscious actions of the ego, fighting against spiritual growth, causing illness to distract from the magical path and concentrate the conscious mind on the physical body;
  6. in very rare cases, actual psychic attack.
As you can see, there are many reasons for physical illness resulting from magick and sometimes we cannot avoid it altogether, no matter how careful we are. We can, however, avoid a "psychic cold" becoming "psychic flu" by reinforcing our physical and astral body (taking our magical vitamins [LRP, etc.]) and avoiding prolonged exposure to powerful, intense forces, such as that usually experienced with Enochian magic.
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