Mishkan ha-Echad

Saturday, 19 July 2008

One Class In The School Of Life

"When we learn to look upon the world from a Cosmic point of view, when we realize that each of our incarnations is only one tiny link in the eternal chain or one class in the school of life, we will understand that we are all brothers and sisters, even the greatest criminal. He is only younger than we, and has not yet gone through as many classes. Some day we will all reach the same goal, and our daily lives are made up of nothing but lessons, and our happiness depends on the value and proportion we ourselves put on everything which happens to us.

The knowledge of the whole Universe is hidden in our own being, so let us begin to uncover it and bring it out, with true love and fraternity for our fellow-travellers on the same road."

- V.H. Soror Nunc et Semper [Lilli Geise] (via Darcy Kuntz)
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