Mishkan ha-Echad

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

"Number Proves The Living Unity"

A Conscious, Active Cause in all we see,
And number proves the living unity.
No bound hath He who doth the whole contain,
But, all preceding, fills life's vast domain.
Sole worthy worship, He, the only Lord,
Doth His true doctrine to clean hearts accord.
But since faith's work a single pontiff need,
One law have we, and at one altar plead;
Eternal God for aye their base upholds.
Heaven and man's day alike His rule enfolds.
In mercy rich, in retribution strong,
His people's King He will upraise ere long.
The tomb gives entrance to the promised land,
Death only ends; life's vistas still expand.

These doctrines sacred, pure and steadfast shine;
And thus we close our number's scale divine.

Good angels all things temper and assuage,
While evil spirits burst with wrath and rage.
God doth the lightning rule, the flame subdue.
His word controls both Vesper and her dew.
He makes the moon our watchman through the night,
And by His sun renews the world in light.
When dust to dust returns, His breath can call
Life from the tomb which is the fate of all.
His crown illuminates the mercy seat,
And glorifies the cherubs at His feet.

- Eliphas Lévi, Transcendental Magic
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