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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hermetic Virtues, No. 8

Issue 8 of Hermetic Virtues has recently been released, containing the following excellent articles:

+ The Rosicrucian Impulse: Magic, Mysticism and Ritual by Chic Cicero
+ The Tower, another new Tarot trump by Harry Wendrich
+ Abramelin and the Golden Dawn by Nick Farrell
+ Magical Maturity by Dean F. Wilson
+ Ain Soph and the Golden Dawn by Harry Wendrich
+ Review of a Previously Unpublished Alchemical Manuscript by Samuel Scarborough
+ The Alchemical Room by Tommy Westlund
+ A Solo Equinox Ritual by Samuel Scarborough

To obtain a copy, click here. To read my article on Magical Maturity, check here.

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