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Monday, 13 April 2009

Weekly Roundup: the State of Modern GD, Horus Hathor Tarot, & GD Videos Galore

By this stage my "Weekly Roundup" is merely a title for these kinds of posts; it has absolutely no relationship to a weekly round-up of anything, because it's neither done weekly, nor does it involve a round-up of a single week's posting in the GD blogosphere. That said, I hope you find some of these links of use, as they contain some extremely interesting material for students of this system.

  • Peregrin at Magic of the Ordinary made a somewhat distressed post (and one that I and many others can empathise with) on the state of modern Golden Dawn groups, the constant flame and turf-wars, and what has ultimately turned into a "Battle of the Blogs" in recent months. Sufficed to say, it is my intent that Mishkan ha-Echad will never be party to this kind of behaviour, which does no one in the Golden Dawn community, nor the name and spirit of the system, any good.
  • Nick Farrell has posted a few pictures from the new Horus Hathor GD tarot deck, which, as you can see, is beautiful and power. You can see more pictures from the deck in each issue of Hermetic Virtues or on the artists website here.
  • David Griffin's HOGD has recently uploaded a dozen or so videos from their Ahathoor Temple which many of you may find interesting.

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Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn said...

I am pleased to announce that we have just uploaded another dozen or so videos, this time for our Golden Dawn brothers in the German, French, and Spanish speaking parts of the world.