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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Fear is Failure, Part 2

Recently the topic of fear stopping one's progress has come up, specifically in relation to the use of certain types of magic, but it is an important point for us all in general. I have already shared somewhat on this topic in a previous post entitled Fear is Failure, but I have the following to add, or reiterate, here:

Firstly it is important to post the quote from one of the ceremonies:

"Fear is failure, so be thou without fear. For he who trembles at the Flame and the Flood and at the Shadows of the Air, hath no part in God."

There is also a reference to this in the essay entitled On the General Guidance and Purification of the Soul which is given to the Practicus:

"Humble thyself before thy God, yet fear neither man nor spirit. Fear is failure and the forerunner of failure; and courage is the beginning of virtue. Therefore fear not the Spirits, but be firm and courteous with them, for thou hast no right either to despise or to revile them, and this too may lead thee into sin."

Basically the advice is to neither laud or fear any spirit overly, for too much of either would lead to imbalance. Fear is failure because it obstructs the path of the initiate. Fear of the occult, of the paranormal, of ghosts and entities, will simply serve as a barrier for those wishing to use the occult for their growth. Fear of exploring one's faults or one's "Shadow" (to use the Jungian term) will hinder one's advance. Fear of being considered a "newbie" by the watchful eyes of one's peers will lead to rushing and lusting for results, and thus slowing one down and making those results more difficult to achieve. Fear of advancing to material that might challenge one and expose one's failings, or fear of the change that will come about as a result of such advance, will bring one's path to a standstill. Fear of progress will halt progress; fear of failure will ensure failure.
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