Mishkan ha-Echad

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Hegemon

The Hegemon (Greek for "Guide" or "Leader") is the spiritual guide of the Candidate, representative of his or her Higher Self. He is represented by the god-form Thme (Themis/Maat). His station is between the Two Pillars of Hermes and Solomon, which is the Place of Balanced Power, and he is, therefore, the reconciler between Light and Darkness. His duties are to watch over the Gateway of the Hidden Knowledge and the preparation of the Candidate, and to assist in their reception into the Order. He wears a white mantle/tabard, symbolising purity, with a red cross on the left breast; and a black collar with a lamen depicting a black Cross on a white background. He carries a Miter-headed Scepter, symbolising religion which guides and regulates life, and his Office symbolises the higher aspirations of the soul which should guide its action.

The feminine form of Hegemon is Hegemone, but Hegemon is often used in practice for both sexes.
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