Mishkan ha-Echad

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Traditional Grade Requirements for Officers

Traditionally the Officers in a GD ceremony were required to be of at least a certain grade, and thus these Officers would be dropped from subsequent initiations (such as the Sentinel, being a Neophyte, being dropped from Zelator onwards) to ensure that such an Officer would not be employed in an initiation above their own grade. The traditional grade requirements for holding office are:

  • Sentinel - Neophyte
  • Stolistes and Dadouchos - Zelator
  • Keryx - Theoricus
  • Hegemon - Practicus
  • Hiereus - Philosophus
  • Hierophant - Adeptus Minor (usually ZAM)

For some interesting alternative perspectives on the suggested or required grade of the Officers in an initiation, check out this post by Morgan Drake Eckstein.
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