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Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Batteries of Knocks, Part 2

In my previous post I commented on the Battery for Theoricus (!!! !!! !!!) as being partly a reference to Saturn. Here's some extra material to support that assertion.

The Grade of Theoricus includes the Advancement in the 32nd Path of Tav, to which the planet Saturn is attributed. This is mentioned as a reflection of the Sphere of Saturn, which would lie in Binah, but I also pointed out how Saturn lies on the opposite end of the Hexagram to Luna, the planet of this grade, and thus this is how it is found reflected in Theoricus.

Some of the Opening of the 2=9 Grade:

"Hierophant: Honoured Hegemon, what path is attached to this Grade?

Hegemon: The 32nd Path of Tav.

Hierophant: Honoured Hiereus, to what does it allude?

Hiereus: To the Universe as composed ofthe Four Elements - to the KERUBIM, the QLIPPOTH and the Astral Plane, and the reflection of the sphere of SATURN."
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