Mishkan ha-Echad

Friday, 21 August 2009

To Strengthen the Weak & Purify the Strong

"... in the natural man, the symbols are unbalanced in strength - some being weaker and some stronger. The effect of the Ceremony is to strengthen the weak, to purify the strong, and so begin to equilibriate them and at the same time make a link between them and the corresponding forces of the Macrocosm."

- Z3, The Symbolism of the Admission of the Candidate


Brother B.h.D.A. said...

Indeed. In other traditions one learns that initiation loosens the fetters to the stars. Modern interpretations of the Zohar's insistence that the people of Israel are ruled only by God, not the other angels or stars says the same thing. The analogies are obvious, I hope. If not, take a look at how things play out in your natal chart.

-Bro. BhDA

Dean Wilson said...

Excellent point. In Gnosticism, of course, the idea would be that the Gnostic is no longer bound by the Archons (planets), but directs their own life. I think this relates to how the Adept no longer requires the helping hand and spoon-feeding of the Outer Order (not that the Adept is entirely without aid), but has gained their own independence. Likewise for the macrocosmic independence from the stars.