Mishkan ha-Echad

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hermetic Virtues, No. 10

Issue 10 of Hermetic Virtues has been released, containing the following excellent articles:

+ Words of Power by Nick Farrell
+ Death, another new Tarot trump by Harry Wendrich
+ The Cross and the Triangle in the Golden Dawn by Dean F. Wilson
+ The Alchemy and Spirituality of Magick by Donald Michael Kraig
+ Fragmentary Aspects of Philosophy, Occult and Academic, in which the Truth of Reincarnation is Ably Discussed by Dr. Israel Regardie, edited by Sandra Tabatha Cicero
+ Elemental Quarter Altars by Samuel Scarborough
+ An Alternate Method of Prayer: the Middle Pillar as a Group Working by James Wasserman
+ Hildbold of Schwangau, Schwanstein and the Order of the Knights of the Swan by Ian Cowburn
+ An Invocation of Hod by Samuel Scarborough

To obtain a copy, click here. For a very small sample of my article on the Cross and Triangle, click here.
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