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Friday, 27 January 2012

Aaron Leitch on Enochian Magic In Theory

More praise for Enochian Magic In Theory:
“As the subject of Enochian magick has become more popular among modern occultists, it is no surprise to find new introductory material being offered by those who studied the system in its obscurity. Enochian Magic in Theory is a good example of such a resource. Here, students interested in the “Dee-purist” tradition will find simple and straightforward introductions to the various tools and tables, angels and spirits recorded in Dee’s occult journals. Students of the post-Victorian “Neo-Enochian” tradition will find detailed explanations of material (some of it quite obscure) added to the system by the Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley and others. All of this is mixed together with the personal work, theory and experience of the author (and, in some cases, that of his Enochian-based Order, the O.S.D.L.), giving us a rare glimpse into the modern theory and practice of the greater Enochian tradition.”  

— Aaron Leitch,
author of The Angelical Language, Volumes I & II.
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