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Monday, 23 April 2012

Hermetic Virtues, Vol. 5 No. 3

Volume 5, Issue No. 3 of Hermetic Virtues has been released, containing the following excellent articles and reviews:

+ The Path of the Chameleon: Golden Dawn Color Studies by Sandra Tabatha Cicero
+ The Lovers by Harry Wendrich
+ Spiritual Development by Frater YShY
+ The Elemental Weapons of the Adept by Jayne Gibson
+ A life magical and rich - review by Samuel Scarborough
+ An invocation of Binah by Samuel Scarborough
+ The Book of the Concourse of the Watchtowers:  An Exploration of Westcott's Enochian Tablets - review by Lauren E. Gardner
+ Restoring the Goddess of Nature to the 1=10 by Nick Farrell
+ Into the Aethyrs of Enochian - review by Samuel Scarborough
+ An invocation of Qadesh Aphariel (Perfect Spirit) by V.H. Soror A.A.

To obtain a copy, click here.

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