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Tuesday 3 March 2009

The Phylax

The Phylax (Greek for "Guard" or "Sentinel") is the Watcher Without, the guardian of the temple. He is represented by the god-form Anoup emp Emenet (Anubis of the West) and is the counterpart of the Keryx, the Watcher Within. His station is without the Portal of the Hall, and it is his duty to keep out intruders, which is represented by the Sword he carries. He is also charged with preparing the candidate, and wears a black collar with a lamen depicting a white eye on a black background, indicative of the ever watchful gaze of Anubis of the West.

The feminine form of Phylax is Phylakissa, but Phylax is often used in practice for both sexes.

The Officers of a Golden Dawn Temple

There are numerous Offices to be held in Golden Dawn rituals, particularly in the early grades, where, for example, 11 people must hold Office for a Neophyte ceremony (the 7 floor officers and the 4 dais officers [technically the Hierophant has a place on the dais and floor]). This number becomes less as each grade passes by, with only a handful of Adepts dealing with the higher grade initiations. Below are listed the "floor officers" (i.e. those who actively partake in the initiations) that most will be familiar with, along with a short description of their overall roll.
Chief Officers
  • Hierophant - Initiating priest
  • Hiereus - Sacrificial priest
  • Hegemon - Spiritual guide
Lesser Officers inside the Temple
  • Keryx - Herald and Watcher Within
  • Stolistes - Preparer and purifier
  • Dadouchos - Torch-bearer and consecrator
Lesser Officers outside the Temple
  • Phylax - Sentinel and Watcher Without

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