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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Book Of Beth: Commentary On Verse 32

I was asked in early April 2007 to explain Verse 32 of the Book of Beth, and the following is my answer to that person. First I will give the verse in question:

32. You shall plant new seeds, for the Sower is the Reaper, and those who plant well supplant the Throne of Saturn.


The student must plant new seeds so he can grow a new Tree of Life, his own personal Tree, which starts as a small sapling in Malkuth and rises to a majestic tree in Kether and beyond (where the seeds of the "primordial" Tree reside). The sower of the seeds reaps the benefits of them, for this is an internal tree, and as it grows, so too does the student in question. Indeed, because the student becomes the "Reaper", they become Death, and the figure of Death is derived from Saturn, who is Time; and Time is, by its nature, Death. Since the student becomes Death (via the growth of the Tree of Life, for Life implies Death), they supplant Saturn, who was Death, thereby taking his Throne. And to take his Throne is to admit mastery over Death, and eating of the fruit of the Tree of Life grants immortality, which is the mastery over Death. This is the supplanting of Death and Time symbolised by Saturn. It also hints at ascending to the Throne of Binah in the Supernal Realm, which is the "Garden Above" (where the fruit of the Tree before the Fall can be taken, and taking from this fruit can avoid the "Fall" [or make up for the Fall, via Tiqqun], since the Fall gave man the punishment of Death).
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