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Wednesday 21 September 2022

The Light Extended: A Journal of the Golden Dawn (Volume 4)

Volume 4 of the Golden Dawn journal series The Light Extended is out now, published by Kerubim Press. 


- Artists of the Golden Dawn
by Sandra Tabatha Cicero

- A Morgenrothe Manuscript
with an Introduction by Tony Fuller

- The Z.2 Formula of the Magic of the Light—A Ritual of Spiritual Development
by Jayne Gibson

- Apologia—On the Middle Pillar Exercise: Both Original and New
by Samuel Scarborough

- Planets, Stars & Tarot Cards: Astro-Tarotic Transposition in the Golden Dawn Tradition
by Jaime Paul Lamb

- The Seven Degrees of Adam
by J.P.F.

- Ritual for the Formation, Building and Consecration of a Body Wherein to Travel, Manifest and Act in Freedom from the Bounds and Limitations of Matter
Edited, transcribed, & introduced by Alex Sumner

- Zelator Astrology: The Aspects
by Frater Manu Forti

- The Symbolism of the Lamen of the Rose Cross
by Frater Goya

- Thaumaturgy: The Use of Low Magic in the Golden Dawn Initiation Process
by Frater Yehohanan

- An Unpublished Resolution On Silence and Signs in the Temple
by Frater Yechidah

- The Sylph
Retold by Frater YShY


“This book is essential reading for everyone who is serious about their Golden Dawn studies and practice. You'll find background on original members, symbol explanations, secrets of the tarot and astrology, and especially lost or overlooked rituals as well as instruction by seasoned practitioners on how to perform them. It serves to keep the true sense of the Golden Dawn vital and alive.”

— Mary K. Greer,
author of Women of the Golden Dawn

“This volume of The Light Extended contains many excellent papers on the history, tradition, and ritual of the Order of the Golden Dawn. These papers cover a wide range of topics, including Historical, Ritual, Astrology, Humanities, and Psychology. Also, there are two original Golden Dawn MSS. that are published for the first time. These research papers are written by leading authorities in the Golden Dawn community and it shows that this tradition is alive and well. The Light Extended should be required reading for any member or scholar working within the Golden Dawn tradition.”

— Darcy K√ľntz,
editor of The Golden Dawn Source Book
and founder of the Golden Dawn Research Trust

“More than a century and a quarter after the founding of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the tradition it set in motion remains vibrantly alive and creative. If that were in question, this fourth volume of The Light Extended would settle the matter once and for all, with another selection of valuable contributions from established and new authors in the Golden Dawn tradition.”

— John Michael Greer,
editor of The Golden Dawn (Seventh Edition)
and author of Circles of Power

“Once again, the best and brightest authors, archivists, and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition have gathered to offer rare and unique glimpses into the history and tradition of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. From Sandra Tabatha Cicero’s exploration of the artistic foundation of the G.D. magical system; to Tony Fuller offering a peek at the short-lived (and littleknown) Order of the Morgenrothe; to Alex Sumner’s overview of an apparently eschatological secret teaching of the early Golden Dawn; even an overview of the origin and evolution of the Middle Pillar Exercise presented by Samuel Scarborough—you are sure to learn much about G.D. history you never suspected. Besides these, you’ll find essays on practical applications of magical formulae, lessons in astrology, something for you grimoire buffs, and even an enchanting fairytale involving a Sylph! Many gems to mine here.”

— Aaron Leitch,
author of Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires

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