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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Many Layers & Aspects of Golden Dawn Work

In all aspects of Golden Dawn work there is the exoteric or apparent element and an esoteric or hidden one (and sometimes there is a third layer of symbol between them). It can therefore be argued that these seemingly simple rites and rituals are very potent acts of magic, and the more we realise such, the more we can get from them.


Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

One of the Inner Order courses that I have taken said that each ritual has seven layers. For instance, one of the common known ones is the sephoritic layer (not what it is called in that system) that describes everything that is happening in terms of the Tree of Life.

Frater Yechidah said...

Very interesting stuff, Morgan. There is undoubtedly a multitude of layers. I would argue that a few of the layers espoused in the 7-fold system could easily be reduced into a 3-fold one (for example, the Sephirothic layer is part of the esoteric layer or aspect of GD work, along with a few others). I base my 2 and 3-fold layer formula on the original Z-documents, which follow this pattern, but we can easily have many systems of layering co-exist, from the broader (2 and 3-fold) to the more specific (7-fold). It definitely adds a lot when we realise just how many different aspects and layers there are to seemingly simplistic rituals, signs, and diagrams (the Tree of Life diagram is perhaps the best example of the multitude of layers available to the magician, from the most basic [exoteric teachings given to the Neophyte] to the more advanced [esoteric teachings given to the Adept], and so forth).

Thank you for your comment :)


Anonymous said...

I think that there can be multiple layers attached to the work of the GD. Some obviously attach the Subtle Bodies (I think there are 7 of these according to Theosophical teachings), or the Chakras, etc. You could also attach the 7 alchemical layers as well.

The main thing is not whether there are 3, 5, or 7 layers and aspects to any given Work in the GD, but rather to be aware that your GD work takes place on many different levels and has depth beyond saying that an Admission Badge is just an Admission Badge working on such and such level. Being more aware of this helps us to better connect to the overall flow of the energy in a ritual and to better understand the ritual, as well as all the potential issues that may or may not occur from using that particular ritual.