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Thursday, 8 January 2009

My Views on Fate

I believe that certain things are "fated" to be, but, in fact, they're also completely changeable. In a normal human sense they are fated, but in a more "godly" sense they are changeable. This is where the distinction between Higher and Lower Self is needed. The Higher Self chooses, while the Lower Self enacts a choice. Indeed, this is where, to give an analogy from the Matrix, the Oracle tells Neo "You've already made the choice. Now you have to understand it". If we will, we may change anything that is "fated", but only through the Higher Self - and we may decide not to change something after initially trying to once we realise it was an essential choice for our spiritual growth.


Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

That is much nicer than my "human beings are lazy and short-sighted" view of fate. My view is rooted in doing Tarot readings for too many people who claimed to want change but had no desire to work for it; they were almost as fun as the "I don't like this aspect of myself crowd", the ones that the aspect that they are fighting against is the most essential aspect of themselves.

Frater Yechidah said...

People are lazy to some degree, myself included. In many cases the people who "succeed" in their given field are those who've bothered to put the work in and not give up. Determination, persistence, etc... all of these have been cited as the only requried quality for magical work.

Unfortunately there are many things in our lives we are not happy with. Indeed, there are many things in my own life that, on a superficial level, I would like changed, or not to have happened to me. But I know better (the kind of knowing that entails gnosis), and, in many ways, I choose to endure certain hardships because they are what make me who I am, build character, etc., etc.

Sometimes we have to make unpleasant choices. The Higher Self doesn't choose on the basis of human emotion, on whether something feels good or bad. It is the failure to align ourselves with our higher purpose, to, effectively, become more and more of our Higher Self, that drains people of their ability to change their life and their surroundings, to remove that aspect of self-empowerment from their lives. This is, in essence, what magic is designed for.

Thanks for the comment :)


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