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Friday, 30 April 2010

The Angelical Language, Vols I & II

Aaron Leitch, author of Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires has just announced the soon to be released (and much anticipated) two volumes on the Enochian language, the first dealing with the history and the second being a very indepth and thorough lexicon. Details from his website are as follows:

The Angelical Language Vol I:
The History and Mythos of the Tongue of Angels

Explores the reception of the language by Dee and Kelley, and the Biblical mythology behind the language as related to them by the Angels. This book begins with an exploration of the mystical traditions that influenced Dee's work (the 50 Gates of Binah, the legends of Enoch and the Book of Soyga), and continues with an in-depth study of the 49 Tables of Loagaeth (Speech From God), the 48 Angelical Keys (or Callings) and the unfolding saga surrounding them in Dee's journals. Special added features include an analysis of the English Poetry (translations) of the 48 Keys, instructions for the magickal use of Angelical characters and a complete Angelical Psalter.

The Angelical Language Vol II:
The Encyclopedic Lexicon of the Tongue of Angels

An exhaustive analysis of the Celestial Speech recorded by Dee. This new work is not just another "Enochian Dictionary." The Angelical Lexicon includes every word from the 48 Keys, all defined or related words from the Book of Loagaeth and every random Angelical word or phrase found throughout Dee's lengthy journals. All of the words have been analyzed and cross-referenced to discover hidden word-elements and root-words - all of which are found in this book.

Every entry in the Lexicon includes:

  • The word in English and Angelical characters.
  • Its "English sense" (definition).
  • For words from the Keys, the sentence(s) in which the word is used.
  • Its location (cross-reference numbers for words from the Keys, page-references to Dee's published journals for all other words).
  • Comparisons to every related Angelical word.
  • Notes about the word's definition, history or usage- both Dee's original marginal notations and new commentary.
  • Dee's own phonetic notations, with new commentary.
  • (Also, a new phonetic pronunciation key has been invented to make reading the words much easier.)
  • As added features, Vol II also includes an Angelical Keys Cross-Reference (containing a fully corrected version of the 48 Keys, cross-referenced by number), an in-depth analysis of Angelical Linguistics and a lengthy English to Angelical section (including tips for translating English texts into proper Angelical).

    The material in The Angelical Language: Vols I and II is based strictly upon Dee's journals and personal grimoire. There are no inclusions from later mystics or organizations. This is the Angelical language in its 'purist' form.


    Unknown said...

    Thanks for sharing this Frater! I wouldn't have heard about it if you hadn't, and this NEEDS a place in my library.


    Nick Farrell said...

    I have ordered it off amazon now.... Aaron is a good practical worker with the GD and Enochian system and his stuff is always well researched. However more importantly it is actually practiced. There are a lot of people who look at Enochian who just read about it and come up with theories. Aaron is not one of them.

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