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Sunday 4 April 2010

The Use of the Shewstone

I have been asked many times about the use of the shewstone, particularly when it comes to Enochian, and I feel it necessary to describe the differences between skrying on the back of your eyelids (au naturel, as it were) and employing a tool such as the shewstone.

Personally I find I get more out of the former technique, as I am more experienced with it, but there is a problem in that it is very straining. It takes a lot out of the magician. The shewstone, however, acts as a kind of conduit. It alleviates some of the strain on the seer by employing a half-way house for the images, thoughts, and so forth to emerge.

When it comes to Enochian the more conduits available the better, particularly when the shewstone is placed on top of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. The Sigillum, when opened (the easiest way to do this is an invocation employing the names within it), provides a vortex which feeds into the shewstone, not only empowering it, but allowing a clearer and more accurate portrayal. One of my "rules of thumb" is that the Sigillum be employed with the appropriate invocation and prayer for truth, as many magicians have been led down the dark alleys of illusion and fantasy.

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Ms D said...

I have found that consecrated water can be superior to a stone, by its natural properies alone, and also by its ability to change when influenced by energy- not only pure and sanctified, but the possibility of using herbal infusions to alter the attributes as well. I use a consecrated vessel treated similarily to a mirror in care, with sigils applied, and when I wish to infuse the water with materials than may be seen with the eye, I drape consecrated black silk over the materials, under the water. I cannot suggest trying the water method enough, by its astounding etheric properties during scrying.

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