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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mathers' Last Secret by Nick Farrell

In February of this year Nick Farrell, the head of the Magical Order of Aurora Aurea, released Mathers' Last Secret: The Rituals & Teachings of the Alpha et Omega. The book caused a stir among many people and groups. Some were pleased to see more unpublished documents shared with the wider public, while others saw it as a further profanation of the Golden Dawn system.

It's technically the second book in a three part series, with the first originally intended to be published by Thoth Publications a few years ago. It's almost guaranteed that the other two books will cause further controversy within Golden Dawn circles, but they provide some valuable information about the Alpha et Omega, the order that Mathers established when the original GD split.


Anonymous said...

If Mr Farrell is so keen on publishing all Golden Dawn materials, why doesn't he make all the materials of his own organization public? Oh wait, if he did he couldn't sell them any more! The same with the A&O material also: if he wanted he could have piblished them for free in the net, but he chose to sell them. It's all about money with Mr Farrell.


Frater Yechidah said...

Publishing documents from nearly a century ago is very different from publishing modern Order documents, especially when the tradition is largely dependent on those old documents (the GD would not be in its current state were it not for the numerous publications of documents, such as Regardie's work).

I am not aware that Nick sells MOAA documents. I assume you're referring to his Correspondence Course, but that isn't the same as Order material.

As for publishing AO documents for free, I believe I recall that he released a free pdf of the Book of the Tomb.

I understand you are one of a number of people who are upset at the publication of this book, but lots of others are glad that the information is finally out there.


Unknown said...

If nothing else, controversial reads are always interesting reads. Looking forward to the release of the other two books, as well as Peregrin's By Names and Images.

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