Mishkan ha-Echad

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Mystery of Air

The air is everywhere, all around us. Yet it is only when we concentrate it within a vessel, within the lungs, that there is life. Therefore we must take that which is spread here and there, from all ends of the Universe, and channel it into a vehicle through which we might come alive and bring life to our magical goals.

The enactment of Magic is the exhalation of the breath which leads to Form, but it must be preceded by an inhalation, which sculpts our aspirations in Yesod before they reach fruition in Malkuth.

This is why Aleph, the breath, begins the Hebrew alphabet, and why Beth follows, for the birth of Gimel cannot occur if the divine breath is not channelled into the house. Only with the union of Force and Form can anything truly be achieved.

This relates to Flying Roll No. V, because the Imagination is the Air, ever-present yet lacking in direction. The Will is necessary to guide it, to make the Jack of All Trades a Master.


Anonymous said...


so my poke to writw wo5rked. Proof I am indeed a magician. For that is causing change in conformity with will if ever I saw it!


Docet Umbra

Frater Yechidah said...

Well, I was planning to get back into blogging here for a while, but your and others' pokes certainly helped!